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Jupiter System - Collaborative Editing - Applied to Sticky Notes

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This page explains how to work as a team without fighting each other and with a minimum of QA...


On Github, the master branch contains the last stable version of the project, ie which is working for all the modules.

In runtime, we should stay on master:

Pulling a Request

  1. Clone from Github to your local machine.
  2. Do whatever is needed and commit with an explicit message. Push only on your copy of the repository.
  3. Test locally, with the runtime version.
  4. If it doesn't work, back to 2.
  5. If enough interesting modifications has been done, launch a pull request. The PR must:
    • have an explicit title (ex: not "fix old style" but "Tecursive protection - bug utf8 fixed" etc.)
    • reference all the issues it solves
    • precise that the local tests are OK, or it will be reverted.
  6. The discussion is then open, so the other developers can check the code, the documentation, the correctness, how it is working on the production environment,...
  7. If at least one developer has checked all this, she/he can do the merging. No auto-merge (why using PR then?)
  8. Enjoy :)